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Python Introduction | How to Get Started with Python?

Introduction to Python Programming language - Beginners Guide. See what can you do with the Python. And Basic 'Hello World!' Program.....

Python is developed by Guido van Rossum. It was first released in 1991.


Interesting Fact: Python was named after the comedy television show Monty Python's Flying Circus.

Are you a Python Beginner?

Let's start.....

What is Python?

Python is an Interpreted language. It's the easiest programming language till now. It's free and open source programming language. It runs on multiple platforms like Windows, Mac, Linux and Unix.....

Unique Features of Python

Simple Syntax:- It's very easy to learn and develop.

Large Libraries:- It has a large standard library which provides you with a lot of prebuilt in functions to use.

Automated Memory Management:- It supports automatic memory managing which clears and free the memory automatically.

What Can We Do With Python?

You can do almost anything with the Python.

Why most of the people prefer Python as a Primary Language in every field?

-> Simple Syntax

-> Open Source and Free

-> Large Developing Community Community

-> Large Libraries

-> Python's Developers also one of the reason

Let's start, to know what can you do with Python.....

#1.Python Is Future of AI and ML

Python for AI and ML

If you are looking for the language, which is best for the development of AI and ML. Then you are in right place to know why Python is suitable for the AI and ML.

artificial intelligence and machine learning

For years scientific researchers were using MATLAB language for scientific researches.

But, now everything is changed by the Python. Python started to take over as the preferred language for the scientific researched like Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Data Science.

Artificial Intelligence rules the future without any doubt. That's the main reason almost every newbie learning Python.

Machine Learning is also another reason for the use of Python.

Python has libraries like Numpy, SciPy, Pandas, Matplotlib, sci-kit-learn, Tensorflow, etc.., for the scientific researches. It also has the flexibility to write code very easily.

Many of the AI and ML experts use Python as their primary language. Big companies like GOOGLE, FACEBOOK, AMAZON, MICROSOFT, APPLE, etc.., use Python for the scientific.

Future of Python will be at next level.....

#2.Web Developmet

Python allows you to do the web developing coding using frameworks like Django, Flask. Even though we have separate programming languages for web development like PHP.

web development

Python's frameworks are very easy to learn and to write code. You can do the stuff in less time compared to other web programming languages.

This feature of writing code very simply in Python, made most of the people to use Python for Web Development.

If you are planning to do any Web Applications, give Python's Django and Flask a try. You will Love it

#3.Game Development

Python has a library called Pygame for the Game Dev. It has fewer graphics compared to other game development programming languages like C++, C#. But, you can develop simple scripting games with Pygame.

game development pygame

It helps to improve your Logic, Mathematics, Physics and other things.....

Try Pygame for simple games if you are interested in developing games.

Installing Python

If you don't have Python installed in your machine download and install the latest version of Python from here.

After Installing Python.....

Starting Interpreter

By default it is '/usr/local/bin/python's_version' in Linux/Unix and 'C:\python's_version' in Windows.

There are several ways to start Python.....

#1.immediate Mode

Type 'python' in the command to invoke Immediate mode of the interpreter. You can directly type in Python expression and press the Enter to get output.


Try typing a math expression and get the output.

Example:- (1 + 3) * 5 = 20

You can use this as a Calculator. To exit this mode, type 'exit()' or 'quit()' and press Enter.

#2.Script Mode

This Script mode is used to execute programs written in a file. The file is called Script. Python scripts have the extension '.py'


To run this program, change the directory in the command prompt or terminal and type python

#3.Integrated Development Environment (IDE)

You can use any text editor to write a Python Script file.

You just need to save it with .py extension. Using IDE makes you write code faster. It has special features like syntax highlighting, auto filling syntax, checking, etc..,

Using IDE reduce the time for developing new applications.

IDLE is the graphical user interface (GUI) for python programming language. You can install it from the official website.

You can have other IDE's as well like PyCarm, PyScripter, PyDev, Spyder, etc..,

I personally recommend PyCharm, it is free and pro version also available. You can Install it from here.

Hello Wolrd! Program

Now we have Python installed in our machine. You are all set to write your first Python.

Write the following code in the script file or IDE and save it as

print('Hello World!')

Run the program.....

the output you will get is.....

Hello World!

In this program, we use built-in function print to display the results. Text inside quotes called String.

Try printing your name by changing the String with your name.

Congratulations! on completing your first Program in Python.....

As you can see, it's easy. This is the Unique and Beautiful Feature of Python Programming Language.


Follow up this blog for the Python Tutorials.

If you have any doubts comment below.

<Happy Coding!>

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